Bill Weld Says President Trump Should be Executed or Given Plea Deal on MSNBC

Earlier today on MSNBC’s ‘Morning Joe’, GOP presidential candidate Bill Weld, likely angry about some states canceling any hope of a GOP primary by their respective Republican parties, today suggested that perhaps President Trump should beg for his life. After first stating that he believes President Trump has committed treason, a crime punishable by death, the 2020 hopeful then goes on to say that Trump’s best hope would be a plea deal that involves removal from office.

How nice of Bill Weld to suggest that perhaps President Trump might get a chance at not being executed if he simply pleads that he only be forcibly removed from duly elected office for wildly loose and vague accusations. Watch former Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson’s running mate in the video below where the host on MSNBC engages him in his ideas.


We’ve heard some outrageous things lately, including AOC pushing for impeachment, criticizing both parties for not holding President Trump accountable for crimes of which she can’t specifically name, and GOP candidate Joe Walsh saying Trump is ‘damn unfit’ among other things, but I think Bill Weld’s shot across the bow here might just take the cake. Unfortunately for him, it is doubtful that this hail mary potshot will do anything for his dreams of being a real contender for the 2020 presidential race.

The Washinton Examiner had more details on the topic here:

Appearing on MSNBC’s Morning Joe on Monday, the 74-year-old former governor of Massachusetts said Trump’s alleged pressuring of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to investigate Hunter Biden, Joe Biden’s son, amounted to treason.

“Talk about pressuring a foreign country to interfere with and control a U.S. election, it couldn’t be clearer, and that’s not just undermining democratic institutions,” Weld said. “That is treason. It’s treason, pure and simple. And the penalty for treason under the U.S. code is death. That’s the only penalty.”

Tempering his words a bit, Weld said he thinks that Congress should work to remove Trump from office.

“The penalty under the Constitution is removal from office, and that might look like a pretty good alternative to the president if he could work out a plea deal,” he said.

Weld, who was appearing in the interview alongside other long shot GOP challengers former Rep. Joe Walsh and former Gov. Mark Sanford, said he thinks the president is also guilty of bribery and high crimes and misdemeanors. He said those alleged offenses don’t matter though because of the “treason.”

“He’s such a lawless man. We’ve got treason, and we don’t have to dribble around the court. We can go right for the hoop,” he said.

Former presidential candidate Herman Cain tweeted about Weld’s outrageous statements, saying he should ‘pump the brakes’.

“Whoa! You’re gonna want to pump the brakes there, buddy. Odds are this story goes the same way as the medias last thirty ‘gotcha’ moments”


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