Bitter Mitt Trashes Trump Weeks Before Pivotal Election, Whines About Kamala Being Called ‘Monster’

Just when you thought Utah Senator and failed presidential hopeful Mitt Romney has slithered back into the hole from whence he came, he comes out again swinging against his own party. This comes right before a major presidential election that President Trump is battling to win despite many media outlets being against him and a recent bout of Covid-19.

Romney once again appears to pander to the left despite the fact that he still falls under the label of Republican. Perhaps he is setting himself to get less criticism if he decides to vote to appoint Amy Coney Barrett? It’s hard to say.

Romney tweeted out what is unlikely to be of any help to President Trump’s re-election: “My thoughts on the current state of our politics”, and then evaded Twitter’s word limit by posting an image with all his thoughts that some might call ‘TLDR’ or ‘too long, didn’t read’.

He says that he has “stayed quiet with the approach of the election” and then proceeds to not stay quiet, trashing Trump, saying he’s troubled by our politics and appearing to whine over Kamala Harris getting called a monster.

There seems to be the belief by some that because Harris is of some sore of protected status that it is not ok to call her a monster, despite all the things that the left calls President Trump on a daily basis. Romney then proceeds to trash Trump’s criticism of Michigan Governor Whitmer in full Democrat style. He then pivots though, and trashes Pelosi and radical leftist TV personality, Keith Olbermann.

“the world is watching America with abject horror” he says. Romney appears to be unaware that the political process has been nasty for quite some time now and that being involved in it means being able to stomach it, something he appears to not able to do very well.

The day of the statesman seems to be gone, and the day of the grumpy bitter loser appears to be here for but a fleeting moment. Will Mitt move aside for someone else to sit in his US Senator seat since he can’t handle the heat? Time will tell.

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