Black ESPN Commentator Tells Aaron Rodgers to Just ‘Throw the Football’ After He Calls Science That Can’t Be Questioned ‘Propaganda’

Considering the backlash from when Fox News’ Laura Ingraham told NBA superstar LeBron James to “Shut up and dribble,” a segment today on ESPN’s “Get Up” came surprisingly close to using similar wording.

This time, it was a black ESPN commentator, former NFL cornerback Domonique Foxworth, who told Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers to just “Throw the football” after he called science that can’t be questioned “propaganda.”

As Ingraham pointed out after she made her comments, “Almost all the stories accused me of ‘dog-whistle’ commentary, and many claimed that my line that LeBron should ‘shut up and dribble’ was ‘racist.'”

So it seems that Foxworth could also be accused of being “racist” with his commentary calling for Aaron Rodgers to sit down and shut up.

AZ GOP communications director Zachery Henry tweeted out the clip and said, “@GetUpESPN hosts Domonique Foxworth and Dan Graziano mock @AaronRodgers12.”

“He’s spouting dangerous nonsense that might actually get people killed,” Graziano declared.

Foxworth added, “Do not go to comedians and podcasters for your Covid research and information and then spew it out.”

#ThisIsCNNESPN” Henry quipped.

Pat McAfee shared the clip of Rodgers statement that he made on his show.

“If science can’t be questioned it’s not science anymore it’s propaganda & that’s the truth,” Rodgers explained.