Black Lives Matter Activists Invade and Trash Restaurants in Rochester, ‘We’re Shutting the Party Down’

Black Lives Matter activists invaded and trashed restaurants in Rochester, NY tonight, sending patrons running. “We’re shutting the party down,” screamed one activist in a video that was shared on Twitter.

Another video shows activists climbing onto people’s homes in the city. The protests started after hundreds gathered, in the wake of the arrest and death of Daniel Prude in police custody in March, which has led to the suspension of seven Rochester police officers involved.

From Spectrum:

Protesters were at Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Park earlier in the evening before going on the move.

Protesters marched down Alexander Street, and Spectrum News is told possibly more than a 1,000 people are part of this demonstration.

Hundreds of protesters reached the Court Street Bridge around 11 p.m. where they were met with police in riot gear.

Crews on the scene say that it was a tense, back and forth moment, and at one point police said over a loud speaker “This is now an unlawful protest, please disperse.”

Most of the protesters did disperse and headed back towards MLK Park, while some continued to clash with police.

Spectrum News is told people have come from out of town to support tonight’s movement organized by Free the People Roc, which is calling for the resignation of Mayor Lovely Warren and Police Chief La’Ron Singletary for what they call a cover up in the handling of Prude’s death.

This comes after protests lasted until the early morning hours Thursday into Friday.