Black Lives Matter Rioters Violently Chuck Water Bottle at White CNN Crew Member’s Head, Then Chase Away Entire Crew After he Recovers

A shocking viral Twitter video appears to show a Black Lives Matter riot where a CNN film crew was attempting to document what was going on. It’s tough to tell what city but we are speculating that it is in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota, based on other posts by Nic Rowan.

The shocking video is viewer discretion advised. As one “protester” verbally says “it’s all peace baby it’s all peace” another one takes a cheap potshot at the CNN crew. You can see what appears to be a full bottle of water being viciously chucked directly at a man’s head. He almost passes out, falls over, and the crowd begins to mock the White man.

At one point someone says he needs a medic. But in another video the rioters appear to run the entire crew away from the scene.

“Protesters throw a water bottle at a CNN crew member and hit him square on the head. They mock him when he falls down.” is the caption on the first clip. The next one reads:

“Protesters just chased the entire CNN crew away from the police precinct.”

Watch videos below:

As various news of different police-involved shootings trickles out, including the recent one in Brooklyn Center, riots have broken out around the nation. In many cases peaceful residents are being disturbed at restaurants. Businesses are being raided and looted, and of course riots that have never stopped are still going on in Portland, Oregon as well.

The Portland riots have been going on since last summer. As the nation awaits the results of the Derek Chauvin trial, it appears there may be another “summer of riots” as the nation heals from racial divisions and Covid-19, and a controversial election that has left many in the nation unhappy.

Time will tell how bad things can get and we can only pray for peace and a unification of our nation somehow.

Update: Journalist Andy Ngo appears to confirm that the assault took place in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota.

“Man part of CNN crew for CNN reporter @miguelmarquez was hit in the head by a protester at the #BLM protest in Brooklyn Center, Minn. He falls to the ground from the assault,” Ngo tweeted, along with the video.