Black Virginia Navy Vet to Northam: “Stop Destroying Confederate Statues”

Political social media heavy hitter and Congressional candidate for Virginia’s hotly contested second district has had enough with Governor Northam’s confederate monument removal rhetoric. He has had enough with the rioters and looters destroying history that belongs to ALL Americans of all backgrounds.

A major press release was just issued laying out his thoughts about what’s been going on in Virginia and recently exacerbated by the ongoing protests due to the tragic death of George Floyd in Minnesota. See the press release in full below:

Republican Navy Vet Jarome Bell Calls on Northam to Stop Destroying Confederate Statues

Virginia Beach, VA –  Twenty-seven year Navy Veteran and America First Republican Jarome Bell is slamming scandal plagued governor Ralph Northam for his plan to continue the Antifa agenda to remove Virginia’s historical statues begun in Charlottesville in 2017. 

“Ralph Northam’s motive to remove Civil War statues is clearly connected to his political objective of hiding own personal racism as seen in his medical college yearbook photos,” the 27-year Navy veteran launched. “Ralph Northam is NOT the leader Virginia needs at a time like this, and should simply get out of the way, keep innocent Virginians safe, and try not to do any more damage.” 

“The fact that National Guard is now forced to defend the Lincoln Memorial from these communists is proof that they wish to erase even the history of the freeing of the slaves in America,” Bell pronounced.

“Ralph Northam is little more than a tool of Antifa and the Communist left which is using George Floyd’s death in Minnesota to galvanize blacks against the United States government and civil government everywhere,” Bell said. 

“The fact that Virginia has a blackface or Klan hood wearing governor who purports to care about black lives and is using it to erase history in this great Commonwealth could not serve as a clearer signal that the communist left cares not one iota about black lives,” Bell said. 

“Federal authorities are now reporting as much — that these riots have been planned in advance for some time — and it now appears that the Floyd death was simply a touchstone used to catalyze a well organized power grab in large cities across the nation,” Bell said. 

“Antifa, the Democratic Socialists of America and their communist pals must be treated like the domestic terrorists they are,” Bell said. “President Trump must institute the Communist Control Act of 1954, as well as the Insurrection Act of 1807 in order to quell all of this violence and stop the lawlessness at once. Quite simply, the rule of law must be restored at once.” 

“It has become quite obvious that the communists who identify themselves as Antifa are all about hijacking and even creating racially heated flash points like in Charlottesville so they can take advantage of them to advance their communist agenda of dismantling civil society,” Bell explained. 

“Antifa and sadly even some elements of BLM are seemingly unconcerned with the black lives lost as a result of their rioting, and there could be no clearer evidence that these riots and every policy move made as a result of them are unconnected to the value of black life — or to any life, for that matter — and that they’re only concerned with consolidating power,” Bell said. 

“Within the matter of a few short weeks, we’ve jumped from state mandates to remain in our homes and refrain from doing business to complete anarchy in the streets and government dismantling of important historical markers,” Jarome Bell said. 

“These communists would have blacks forget the fact that there was a Civil War. Their agenda is to disconnect thinking men and women of ALL colors from the existence of objective reality,” Bell explained. “If they can control the past, and they can control our minds — and it is clear that they are both able and desirous of doing both of these things — then they can control reality,” Bell explained. 

“Ralph Northam might not even be aware that he is a tool in such an effort, but this is quite clearly the case,” Bell said. “If Governor Northam succeeds in further erasing Civil War history in Virginia, he risks putting countless lives — black and white — in real danger from a growing government whose hunger working class Virginians seem incapable of satisfying.” 


Jarome Bell is a conservative, a Navy veteran, and a high school football coach running for U.S. House in Virginia’s second congressional district. Jarome has been endorsed by Freedom Caucus member Paul Gosar. Please send press inquiries to [email protected]

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