Bob Good Blames the Biden Administration’s ‘America Last’ Priorities For the ‘Events Unfolding in Afghanistan’

Today is a grim day for the United States as 12 servicemembers are reportedly dead from an airport attack in Kabul.

U.S. House Rep Bob Good (R-VA) issued a tweet blaming the Biden Administration’s “America Last” priorities for the “events unfolding in Afghanistan.”

In a tweet, Good declared, “The events unfolding in Afghanistan are a reflection of a President who makes decisions with his ‘leadership team’ based on America Last priorities.”

Good then shared a list of decisions made by Biden and his National Security Council:

• forced vaccinations on U.S. troops

• indoctrinated our military w/ CRT

• claimed that diversity in race, sex, gender identity, and sexual orientation determine readiness

• combated “climate change”

• prioritized foreigners over Americans

“The President and NSC HAVE NOT focused on protecting Americans. Pray for our troops. Pray for our country,” Good asserted.

Many are baffled that there has been no statement made by President Joe Biden or his press secretary Jen Psaki.

Psaki was supposed to hold a press briefing earlier, but it has been moved back with no word on when it will be given.

Live on Fox News, White House correspondent Peter Doocy lamented that it had been nearly “5 hours of silence from the Commander-in-chief.”