Brennan Claims Trump Has ‘Despot’s Playbook’ and that His ‘Propaganda Machine… Surpasses Even Russia’

In a tweet yesterday, former CIA directer John Brennan made some outrageous claims about President Trump, who he continues to obsess with. Over a two month period now, he has made 7 tweets total and they all have either tagged the president, been a retweet of him, or mentioned his name.

This time he claimed that Trump “operates according to a despot’s playbook” and that his “propaganda & disinformation machine” is the “most aggressive & odious in history.” Despite ample evidence that China are the coverup kings of the world right now, he says it “surpasses even Russia’s ability to trample the truth.”

@realDonaldTrump’s propaganda & disinformation machine, which operates according to a despot’s playbook, is the most aggressive & odious in history. It far surpasses even Russia’s ability to trample the truth, harm U.S. security, & undermine America’s reputation worldwide.

Brennan appeared on Brian William’s show on MSNBC as well and Williams asked “Can you once and for all” explain to Fox News viewers why “unmasking” isn’t really a story?

BRENNAN: “Good to see you, Brian. What they’re seeing right now is the politicization of the intelligence community and an effort by the Trump Administration, as you said, to divert attention from the ongoing COVID crisis. Let’s get straight what unmasking is. The National Security Agency, which is responsible for collecting intercepted communications, and then pushing them out to the intelligence community, the NSA professionals, when they see these intercepts of national security value, they distribute these reports, and if there’s a U.S. person’s name in it, they will conceal that name for privacy purposes as well as for counterintelligence investigative purposes.”

“So the report will say something like ‘U.S. Person Number One,’ ‘U.S. Person Number Two,’ ‘U.S. Person Number Three.’ When these reports are sent out, there are individuals within the government who have the authority and responsibility to find out who might be engaged in discussions with foreign government officials, whether they be intelligence officers or foreign government officials or whomever.”

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