Candace Owens Gets Own Show, Proves She’s ‘Uncancelable’ After Previously Resigning From Charlie Kirk’s TPUSA Amid Controversy

After stepping down as the communications director for Charlie Kirk’s TPUSA, Candace Owens has been doing hosting a video series with Prager U called the Candace Owens Show.

It was announced today that she will now be moving on to The Daily Wire, launching a new talk show that she vows will be a “space for conservatives to feel heard.”

In a promo, Owens said, “the timing right now is really crucial, to stand up on a platform and say, ‘I’m here, I’m a conservative, I’m not apologizing.”

“I’m really committed to changing things. This show is going to be uplifting, funny, political. This show is going to be all the pieces of me,” Owens added.

In the promo, it says, “She is uncancelable” and the name of the show will be “Candace.”

TPUSA’s Rob Smith shared the promo, apparently attempting to show that there is no animosity, and said “Gonna be a rough year (or decade) for anyone hating on Candace Owens.”

Owens shared an article from The Hill about the new show in a tweet and exclaimed, “Let’s go!!”

MSNBC’s Kyle Griffin responded to The Hill’s tweet about the new show and quipped, “No one cares.” Clearly, however, he cared enough to comment.

One popular response from a Twitter user that described themselves as “in search for a political identity” was more optimistic and said, “That’s awesome.”

They claimed to have “discovered her recently after the deadly summer riots in America” and are “looking forward to watching and seeing what she has to say” adding, “Very competent and engaging commentator!”

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