Chrissy Teigen Tweets: ‘I Have Been Hacked for 11 Years. This is my First True Tweet…’ After Epstein Conspiracies Swirl

A bizarre internet craze has taken the internet and Twitter by storm, where users en masse are accusing left-wing Hollywood actress Chrissy Teigen of being associated with pedophilia and Jeffrey Epstein. She has since reportedly blocked a million twitter users and locked down her tweets so they can’t be shared or embedded. It looks like with the recent descent of angry conspiracy theorists, Teigen hasn’t had much time to bash President Trump and his followers lately.

The one below is a screenshot we took of one of her tweets. We can’t tell if she was kidding, hacked, or serious. But it certainly appears to us as if she is panicking over people posting alleged screenshots of old tweets where it appears as though she either sympathizes with or takes lightly pedophilia.

The pair of tweets as shown by us reads first just, “Hello”, and then, “I have been hacked for 11 years. This is my first true tweet. Hello everyone. Did anything interesting happen. I love cats!” See image below:

Image: Twitter Screenshot taken by Media Right News

The Daily Mail posted an image of this tweet where Teigen says she deleted 60,000 tweets. She claims her posts talking about ‘Toddlers and Tiaras’ in 2013 are being taken out of context and she is afraid for her family. It’s hard to verify which of the many very questionable tweet screenshots floating around are verifiable, so we won’t post them here directly. See the Daily Mail screenshot:

The Daily Mail also reported on the situation in part:

MailOnline has contacted Chrissy’s representatives for further comment. 

The tweets come amid a terrifying time for the star on social media.   

For the past week, the star as been publicly fighting off renewed Twitter trolling, including wild accusations that she once traveled on Epstein’s private plane and that she had been part of his ‘pedo ring.’ 

However, on Tuesday, Chrissy appeared to hit [sic] a breaking point as she responded to a claim by podcast host Chrissie Mayr that she recently deleted her own incriminating tweets, revealing that she was now fearing for her family as a result of the attacks.

Many people are accusing Tiegen and other Hollywood stars of being affiliated with Jeffrey Epstein amid renewed speculation stemming from the recent arrest of Epstein associate Ghislaine Maxwell.

Many are eagerly awaiting what Maxwell has to say, and recently things have gotten more interesting as it is being reported that she has an unknown husband now as well. Time will tell how this saga plays out if all the truth is brought to light.

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