Cohen Tells Lemon That ‘Everything That I’ve Said… Has Been True’ Except For Lies ‘At the Direction’ of Trump

President Trump’s former attorney Michael Cohen went on CNN for an interview with Don Lemon that had been anticipated to talk about his newly released book and more.

Cohen claimed in the interview that “Not only is the Trump organization like a cult, but so is the White House. Anybody that wants to work there, God forbid you say something wrong, God forbid you do something wrong, you’re fired.”

Lemon asked Cohen, “why should people believe you?” Cohen claimed that Mary Trump’s book, the Stephanie Winston Wolkoff book, and Bob Woodward’s tapes add credence to his claims and he calls it the “quartet of truth.”

Cohen then puts all the blame for false statements he’s made in the past on the president, saying that “what you keep finding out is that everything that I’ve said, going back to my House Oversight Committee testimony has been true and the things that I lied about, I lied for the benefit of and the direction of Donald J Trump.”

From The Hill:

President Trump’s former lawyer Michael Cohen predicted “it’s not going to go well” for the person who set up an interview with the president and journalist Bob Woodward.

“I guarantee that it’s not going to go well for whoever it was,” Cohen told CNN’s Don Lemon Wednesday night, saying he had “heard through the grapevine” Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner was involved.

Cohen suggested to Lemon that Trump was overconfident in his interviews, adding, “Donald Trump is the smartest guy at any table he sits at, just ask him.”

Cohen also repeated his allegations that he had heard the president make repeated racist remarks in private, saying “Everyone is telling you the man is a racist… I just don’t get it.”

Lemon, however, pressed Cohen on continuing to work for the president despite those allegations. Cohen insisted he had tried to keep the president in check on racial issues by helping to create a “national diversity coalition,” adding “My hope was that he would actually rise to the level of being the president of all people.”

Cohen, who was convicted of campaign finance fraud in 2018, made the remarks the same day as audio recordings of Woodward’s interviews with the president were published by news outlets.

In an interview in March, the president told Woodward he was deliberately playing down the threat of the coronavirus to avoid panic. In February, however, he told Woodward the virus was “deadly stuff” and far more dangerous than the flu even as he repeatedly compared the two in public.

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