Cori Bush Furious After Supreme Court Decides Tenants Can’t Stay in Homes Without Paying Rent Against Biden CDC’s Wishes

Last night, we were one of the first to report the news that the Supreme Court of the United States had dealt a major blow to the Biden administration’s CDC. In a 6-3 vote, with left-wingers dissenting, the Supreme Court decided to overturn the extension of the eviction moratorium.

Some may argue the Biden administration probably knew they couldn’t do this. But after U.S. House Rep Cori Bush slept on the Capitol steps to throw a temper tantrum he tried it anyway. Many may even argue that many middle-class landlords were hurt by the moratorium while helping people who allegedly can’t pay rent.

Some may also argue that those who don’t care about their credit score may just move out at this point, leaving landlords at a loss of over a year of needed income. We don’t believe that reps like Cori Bush don’t know this. They simply feel they would rather pander for votes by helping renters over tenants.

Nothing says free votes like free rent, in our view, and Democrats are all about trading free stuff for extra votes. Again, that is an opinion statement.

Nevertheless, the fact of the situation is that Bush feels ripped off herself after her theatrics, and now it looks like this may be out of Joe Biden’s hands.

On top of that, Bush may have opened up a can of worms she didn’t intend to. You see, the Supreme Court set a new precedent with their CDC ruling, saying that the division of the federal government can’t arbitrarily take authority relating to rent and landlords. This may or may not affect other CDC rules.

In an angry tweet with a statement image below it, Bush posted:

“We didn’t sleep on those steps just to give up now. I urge my colleagues to reflect on the humanity of every single one of their unhoused, or soon to be unhoused, neighbors, and support a legislative solution to this eviction crisis.

Time will tell if landlords can now finally get paid, or if Biden has any more tricks up his sleeve.

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