Coulter Roasts Warren: “Little Unites Dems… Except Sea-to-Shining Sea Hatred of Elizabeth Warren” After Partial MA Primary Results

It appears that Senator Elizabeth Warren (D) oft referred to by President Trump as “Pocahontas” is not doing great in her own home state of Massachusetts so far on this Super Tuesday.

Her chances of getting the Democrat nod for president are getting slimmer by the minute and the only question likely left is whether or not she will fall in line and endorse Joe Biden. As of this writing, she is in third in her own home state, according to the New York Times, with 13% in so far. See the screenshot below:

True to her aggressive form, Coulter, who is only a part-time fan of President Trump’s, took to Twitter to get in a nasty jab at Elizabeth Warren. “Tonight’s results make clear that very little unites Dems, except of course their sea-to-shining-sea hatred of Elizabeth Warren.”

In most Super Tuesday states it appears Bernie Sanders or Joe Biden are coming out on top so far tonight, Biden, in particular, is up so far with 13% reporting so far, so things can still change.

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