Crazy Wacky Flailing Armed Woman Suspended From Teacher Job After Telling Anti-Lockdown Protesters to Kill Themselves

A teacher in Bend, Oregon has been placed on administrative leave Monday after a viral video posted yesterday showed her yelling obscenities and gesturing wildly at anti-lockdown protesters.

The woman, who reportedly works at the Jefferson County School District, was stopped and sitting in her car and screamed at the protesters to kill themselves, gave the protesters the middle finger, and yelled that her students’ families were dying.

The video has nearly 3 million views on Twitter as of tonight and shows the anti-lockdown protesters chanting “USA” while she was having her meltdown.

America First supporter Pete D’Abrosca was one who shared the video and quipped, “Wear your mask so you don’t die but also if you don’t wear your mask you should kill yourself.”

Conservative activist Katie Daviscourt remarked about the video, “She is now the teacher that her students will never forget! They will all be like ‘remember that one teacher we had who went full Karen and told us all to kill ourselves’….good times!”

Superintendent Ken Parshall said that the school district is investigating the situation while the first-year teacher remains on leave and he declined to name the teacher or state which school she worked at.