Dallas County Democrat Judge Tries to Overrule Governor, Files Challenge to Greg Abbott’s Ban on Mask Mandates

Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins in Texas is pushing back against Republicans in Texas. He is saying that he has the authority to override the Governor of Texas, Greg Abbott (R). Abbott has banned mask mandates in the state. He has faced much criticism for that amid rising cases of Covid-19.

Many Republicans want the masks to be optional though. Abbott is facing much pressure from both sides. The judge, who is a Democrat, tweeted out what he is doing and why. It remains to be seen how this will all play out legally.

“Earlier this evening I filed a Temporary Restraining Order and declaratory judgment in my official capacity as your Dallas County Judge against Governor Greg Abbott seeking to hold portions of GA 38 regarding mask mandates unenforceable.

The enemy is not each other. The enemy is the virus and we must all do all that we can to protect public health. School districts and government closest to the people should make decisions on how best to keep students and others safe.

I’ll do all I can to protect the public health and the people of Dallas County. I hope others will join me in following the science and listening to local doctors and the CDC to act swiftly and decisively. This is about ensuring there’s adequate medical resources and hospital bed capacity to take care of people with COVID and any other condition that requires medical care or hospitalization. Ultimately, it is about saving lives and saving and protecting children.”

Republicans, in our view, take health just as seriously as anyone else, we certainly do. In the eyes of many though, the left is using mandates for political clout and power and to shame the right for wanting personal choice and freedoms.

Abbott is facing a Republican primary soon for his seat, so he is under pressure from the right to push back on the left, but with Texas trending blue potentially, he’s probably worried about losing moderate voters as well. He will have to decide on whether to rule based on what he believes in or based on votes.

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