Dan Bongino Gives Passionate Plea: ‘Respect is a Two Way Street, Show Some Respect for Police Officers’

Following a officer involved shooting last night that left a suspect dead in Atlanta, Georgia, lawyers appeared earlier this evening excoriating the police for their decision.

Dan Bongino appeared on Judge Jeanine Pirro’s Fox News show with a passionate plea for citizens to “show respect for police officers.” The suspect had scuffled with the officers and stolen a taser.

Dan #Bongino: Respect is a Two Way Street ! Show Respect for Police Officers & They Will Show You Respect Back !

Bongino: President Trump does not have the power of a police officer, we have to do better, I get that, but respect is a two way street. These are the finest men and women I have ever worked with.

Judge Jeanine: What I’m saying is that in certain communities they have been trained to hate the police so much that they don’t respect the police and therefore they get in trouble because the police end up doing what they are trained to do.

Bongino: Judge you are absolutely right, it is a two way street. You have to understand, these are just – they’re moms, they’re dads, they are some bad seeds I get it but these are people’s brothers and sisters, they’re soccer coaches, these guys were in the community responding to a radio run, they didn’t know this man. This wasn’t their neighbor, they didn’t stop next door to say hello. They were there because someone was concerned.

Why do you think they were doing this? Do you know how many of these guys are hurt, and injured, and killed every year? You know, I sat up at that Capitol Hill testimony and your job, thank God you don’t get a text 3, 4 times a year like Bernie and I get saying, remember officer so and so, yeah he got hit by a car, he’s in critical, yeah remember officer so and so, yeah he’s dead.

You don’t get those calls and thank the lord every day you don’t, but it’s bull- it’s a two way street, show some respect for police officers and they’ll show respect back and if they don’t, file a complaint, you’re entitled to do that.

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