Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin Insists Joint Chiefs Chair Mark Milley ‘Doesn’t Have a Political Bone in His Body’

At a press conference today regarding the pullout of the military from Afghanistan, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin defended the Joint Chiefs Chairman Mark Milley after excerpts from a new book claimed that he was concerned former President Donald Trump might attempt a coup.

After a question was asked about the excerpts, Austin insisted that Milley “Doesn’t have a political bone in his body.”

Milley declined to confirm or deny what was written in the book, but asserted that “I and other members of the Joint Chiefs took an oath to the Constitution and not one of us violated that.”

“We maintained the tradition of the apolitical military,” Milley added.

Trump lashed out at Milley about the news and denied any thoughts about a coup in a statement where he said, “He tries to be a tough guy, which he is not, but he choked beyond belief as soon as a microphone was stuffed in front of his face or, at the mere sight of the Fake News Media. So, there was no talk of a coup, there was no coup, it all never happened.”

Ex-Navy Seal Jonathan T. Gilliam tweeted clip from the press conference where he mocked what they were saying as “Blah, blah, blah, I’m woke, communism, blah, blah, blah, I love communism, I hate America, blah blah, blah, blah, blah.”

In the tweet, Gilliam asked, “Remember when the Commander in Chief was the one briefing the nation on military actions?”

“Now it’s leftist traitor #generalmilley, Chairman @thejointstaff & his leftist ideological sidekick @SecDef Lloyd Austin. Their political posturing & love of media is alarming,” Gilliam added.

During the press conference, the two leaders denied that a Taliban takeover of Afghanistan was imminent, although a recent article in India Today suggested otherwise.

From India Today:

Amid an ongoing conflict between the Taliban and security forces in Afghanistan, the spokesperson of the radical Islamist group spoke exclusively to India Today TV and gave their version on some important points about the help from Pakistan, the death of Indian journalist Danish Siddiqui and ISI’s instructions to target Indian assets.

On the current status of the conflict, the Taliban spokesperson claimed, “Bismillahi Rehmani Raheem we have almost covered 85 per cent of Afghanistan and will soon cover left 15 per cent.”

Greg Palkot, a correspondent with Fox News, said that he agrees with the leaders, as most of the ground that is covered is a more rural area, but it remains to be seen what will happen moving forward.

Video of the press conference below:

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