Defund the Police Rally Held at BLM Plaza in Washington D.C.

A defund the police rally is being held today at BLM Plaza in Washington D.C. by the group Defund MPD.

The group announced on Twitter that “Defund MPD Coalition & supporters of racial justice will rally, march & raise awareness about the national, harmful impact of the Fraternal Order of Police.”

“FOP is the world’s largest police association, with more than 3560,000 members in more than 2,100 lodges,” the group added.

A flyer that was shared in the tweet showed the symbol for the FOP disintegrating into people planting trees.

Video shared by The Daily Caller shows people at a podium in the plaza while a protester can be seen waving a Black Lives Matter flag.

People can also be seen dancing and chanting.

In a recent tweet, Defund MPD said, “We need to decenter police and refund jobs housing and care. It’s that simple. #DefundMPD”

Local D.C. reporter Jordan Pascale, who is covering the rally, shared pictures before things really got going and noted, “A ‘Defund MPD’ rally is going on at BLM Plaza and I can’t tell if the newly-black topped and repainted street is hotter than before or if we just haven’t adjusted to summer yet but everyone is huddling in the shade where they can.”

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