Deleted Video Resurfaces of ‘RINO’ Running for Congress Supporting Amnesty for DACA Recipients


A video has recently resurfaced and been given to Media Right News by a source that claims it was deleted from the original Twitter feed it was posted on. It was originally posted by Congressional candidate Anna Paulina Luna. In it, she states among other things that she supports a path for DACA recipients to stay here in the United States and become legal citizens.

Luna’s reasoning for this isn’t that it’s a conservative position per se, but that Republicans have supported it in the past so we might as well do it. You may remember the story we broke about George Buck, one of a number of other Republicans running for Congress against the former Governor of Florida, Democrat Charlie Crist.

It seems as though ALIPAC, or Americans for Legal Immigration PAC, has taken notice of this candidate, Anna Paulina Luna as well. A thread on their website also shows this video where the admin reports:

Here is a video (Now Deleted) from GOP Congressional candidate Anna Paulina Luna supporting mass Amnesty for illegal aliens.

Anna Paulina Luna is running for Congress in the GOP primary in Florida’s 13th District.

While Anna Paulina Luna does oppose Obama’s unconstitutional and illegal DACA Amnesty, she supports giving green card or citizenship Amnesty to illegal aliens.

“In my opinion … provide a pathway to citizenship and or green card status” (for illegals) Quote from this video by Anna Paulina Luna

Most Americans oppose any pathway to citizenship and voting rights for illegal aliens who will vote 90% Democrat in future elections handing full control of the all three branches of the US Government to the left forevermore.

Anna Paulina Luna, it turns out, is running for the same seat as Buck, to represent Florida’s 13th Congressional District. August 18th, 2020 is the Republican primary for this hotly contested race. George Buck is currently out funding all the other Republicans in the primary and holding his own against fundraising juggernaut Charlie Crist. Media Right News previously reported:

The other candidates in the primary include Amanda Makki, Anna Luna, Sharon Newby, Matt Becker, and Shelia Griffin. According to Ballotpedia Makki is an Iranian-American, who has lobbied for both tobacco and pharma, she also worked for Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) for seven years. Florida’s 13th district will hold its primary on August 18th, we will see which of the candidates will face off with former Governor Charlie Crist.

It appears as though ALIPAC has also chosen to support one of the other candidates as well, George Buck. See their Facebook post below:

Media Right News reached out to the official Facebook page of Anna Paulina Luna for comment, to give her a chance to clarify or correct the record. As of now, we have not heard a response but if we do we will promptly update our story with any factual updates or statements.

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