Denver Conservative Conference Disrupted by Violent Antifa Who Shockingly Attacked Attendees

As Todd Starnes reported, there is shocking news that “Domestic terrorists attacked conservatives attending the annual Western Conservative Summit in downtown Denver”. This appears to have happened last night and tonight as well.

The Denver police have a history of weak action when Antifa and other left-wing rioters attack right-wing events. We previously reported about a “Back the Blue” event that Michelle Malkin attended and Antifa attacked and ruined the event. Later, it was found out that there was a stand-down order from higher up in the Denver police department. The Denver police union president subsequently apologized to Malkin as we covered before here.

This situation is developing. If you click on either of the tweet chains below you can see more videos and commentary directly on Twitter. Emily Brooks posted:

“This is outside the Western Conservative Summitt in Denver

First part of vid — bearded man in brawl had his phone smacked out of his hand”

Tiana Lowe posted:

“Physical brawling breaks out in front of the Western Conservative Summit at a Denver Hyatt after members of Antifa threatened to break my phone for reporting on their protest.

To be clear, I identified myself as a journalist, not an attendee of the conference, and they’re protesting on a public street”

Andy Ngo posted:

Elijah Schaffer posted:

More coverage can be read about from the Washington Examiner here. AntifaWatch posted:

More videos:

We will update this story as we get any new info.