Denver Illegal Immigrant Deported Six Times to Get Sanctuary City Protections After Deadly Hit and Run


Juan Sanchez, an illegal immigrant who was deported from the United States six times was recently charged with vehicular homicide and fleeing the scene of an accident. A 51-year-old grandmother, Annette Conquering Bear was the tragic victim when she was struck by an SUV while simply trying to cross an intersection. The city of Denver Colorado, a liberal sanctuary city, plans to release Sanchez on a bond if he is able to pay the amount, and has made it clear that they will not cooperate with ICE, or Immigrations and Customs Enforcement via a custody transfer for possible deportation.

The Daily Caller originally reported on the story before it got even more outrageous with the refusal of cooperation between Denver and the Federal Government. In their initial report were details of the original offense:

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has revealed that Juan Sanchez — a Mexican national who was recently charged for fleeing the scene of a fatal car accident — is an illegal alien and a repeat violator of U.S. immigration law, according to local reports. The victim’s family members say she was just days away from her 52nd birthday.

Annette Conquering Bear, who was running an errand at a nearby Walgreens in the Denver area, was struck by a vehicle while she was crossing an intersection on December 17. The SUV that hit her never stopped, according to a statement from the Denver Police Department. A witness was able to flag down a nearby ambulance, but Conquering Bear was pronounced dead at the scene.

Law enforcement was able to locate the vehicle — a white GMC Sierra crew cab truck — later that night. The owner of the vehicle told police that he lent the car to a man named “Juan,” which eventually led them to the apprehension of Juan Sanchez. He was formally charged with vehicular homicide and fleeing the scene of the accident, and his bond is set at $500,000.

ICE has since revealed that Sanchez, an illegal alien, has a lengthy history of border violations. The 39-year-old Mexican national has been deported a total of six times: once in 2012, three times in 2008, and twice in 2002.

Now that we are aware of the update that is Denver’s apparent refusal to co-operate with Federal law, the picture gets more clear. It also reveals a much broader narrative throughout the nation, where cities like Denver and San Fransisco get away scot-free with disregarding federal laws about immigration, a national security issue, while simultaneously, sanctuary second amendment cities are starting to pop up in other areas where states are proposing unconstitutional gun control laws.

The irony here, of course, is that while liberal cities get away with reckless lawlessness in regards to illegal immigration, states like Virginia, with sweeping gun control legislation coming through the pipeline are able to threaten citizens and local law enforcement who don’t want to follow unconstitutional laws with jail time, loss of employment, and are using the threat of the national guard to bolster their case.

This paints a broader picture of how the left is able to run roughshod on the law while the right, even under President Trump’s leadership, is struggling to gain leverage on the political stances they support. Ironically, it all ties back to the origins of this story, immigrants. The more people from other countries who come here illegally, thus allowing the potential for them to become legal voters later in addition to their children, the more Democrat votes there seem to be. This might be why the Democrats are behind the sanctuary cities, to begin with, and not the “human rights’ concerns they always claim it to be about.

President Trump has made it clear that he is for ALL Americans and is against racism of any kind. This being the case, he and his supporters will need to be watchful of continuing trends if they want to maintain a nation that supports the constitution it was founded on, including the first and second amendments, which may fear are in Jeopardy.

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