Denver News Station Continues to Tweet Stories After Reporting Security Guard They Hired is the Suspect in Rally Murder

Earlier today in Denver, Colorado, a man was shot and killed as hundreds gathered for two different protests and rallies. One group, the self-proclaimed “Denver Communists,” held a BLM-Antifa Soup Drive and the other group, “Patriot Muster,” is held a separate rally.

Video shows that the man killed appeared to be supporting the “Patriot Muster” group and it was thought at first that the shooter might belong to the other side.

A local news station, 9News Denver, tweeted out recently that “A private security guard, hired by 9NEWS, is being held as a suspect in the deadly shooting. A 9NEWS producer has been released after DPD said it was determined they were not involved in the incident.”

Typically, an announcement like that might cause a news station to call it a night on tweeting out news stories until more information comes available, but 9News has continued to tweet out unrelated stories as if everything is normal.

One person commented on the tweet about the structure fire at a local flea market, “Fire had nothing to do with @9News producers, their hired contractors, or the political affiliation of the flea market owners.”

On the tweet about a local team winning a softball title, somebody suggested, “You might need a new social media manager if they are allowing any off-topic post go through tonight, especially if it’s bringing these kids to your twitter feed. Please delete this, reschedule it, and put pre-scheduled posts on hold.”