Devin Nunes: ‘Appalling’ That the FBI Did Not Bring Hunter Biden’s Laptop to the Senate During Impeachment

Republican California House Rep. and ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee Devin Nunes appeared last night on Fox News @ Night and spoke with Shannon Bream.

Bream started the interview saying, “We’re told that you all were briefed a little bit on what we heard from the FBI director and the DNI tonight about the fact that Iran with some help of Russia has been pushing some phony stuff primarily to cause chaos in (our) waning days going into the election, what can you tell us about what you know?”

“Well I want everybody to know that the election, a lot of people have their ballots now, the best thing they can do is get the ballots turned in, fill them out, get them to the election office, throw them in the mail if you want to throw them in the mail, if you don’t want to, just get them to the elections office. There’s no sense to sit on them,” Nunes responded.

Nunes continued, “I think we’ve come a long way in terms of what the Department of Homeland Security has done working with all the other 50 states to ensure that this election goes off without a hitch, and I think that’s the key Shannon.”

“The idea that foreign countries are going to meddle in our election is nothing new and in fact, before 4 years ago when the Democrats brought up this phony Russian hoax issue that we dealt with for so many years, this was pretty normal that the intelligence agencies would monitor what our foreign adversaries would do,” Nunes explained.

Nunes then urged, “In the meantime I’m glad that the director of National intelligence has come forth and made this public, I think it just makes sense for people, just be careful what emails you open.”

Bream shared a tweet from Buck Sexton which said that due to the reported interference, “By the rules established by our biased and moronic media in 2016, this now means that if Trump loses we can spend 4 years whining about how ‘Iran stole the election for Biden’ and unleash a special counsel on him.” Bream guessed, however, that it wasn’t going to happen.

“I’m just hopeful that everybody understands now through all this mess that foreign countries are going to play games in elections. If they have intelligence services and they don’t like the United States, they’re going to play these games,” Nunes said.

Nunes continued,”What we need to make sure we don’t have happen is for our own FBI and Department of Justice to get corrupted by the Clinton campaign like what happened in 2016.”

“So I think everybody is watchful for this, there’s a lot of ballots out there, so the best advice I have for the American people is, get your ballots in,” Nunes added.

Bream then mentioned the Hunter Biden and Sen. Ron Johnson’s letter to the IG calling for an investigation into the FBI’s handling of the laptop. She asked, “Do you expect that to bear fruit?”

Nunes responded, “Well it will take too much time, but I can tell you that our investigative team, we have also independently verified that the laptop is indeed real and the computer technician in Delaware was just trying to be helpful.”

“I think you hit the nail right on the head and that is the American people, after dealing with three and a half years of a phony Russia hoax, a $40 million investigation from Robert Mueller, and I know a lot of people have forgotten about this, but in August of 2019 all of a sudden out of nowhere, there was this new Ukraine hoax, where it was a leak the president talking to the new president of Ukraine talking about corruption and we started dealing with this all through the end of 2019,” Nunes continued.

Nunes then pointed out that “The computer technician came forward because he thought that he might have relevant information if you are in fact investigating Ukraine and we ended up actually impeaching the President of the United States over this.”

“So the fact that the FBI didn’t take what that American’s concern was, you know the reason he took that to the FBI was kind of two-fold, troubling pornographic images and also because it was in the news,” Nunes said.

Echoing what Johnson said, “The fact that the FBI did not bring that to the United States Congress during the impeachment of the President of the United States is appalling and somebody needs to answer why that wasn’t brought to the Congress. “

Nunes brought up for reference, “Remember this would have been in December of ’19, the very time that the president was being impeached and remember it was delayed by Nancy Pelosi for like 45 days?”

“The FBI had plenty of time to get that to the United States Senate to say ‘hey here’s some emails involving Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, money moving around,'” Nunes continued

Nunes concluded before saying that nobody is giving answers, “The other thing that can’t be explained is if any American received $3.5 million from a Russian oligarch for any reason, the FBI would knock down the door of their house or their business to figure out ‘Why did somebody get $3.5 million dollars?'”

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