Dick Morris Attacks Tucker Carlson on Newsmax: The Problem is That He ‘Has a Hell of a Podium’ at Fox News

In a clear attempt to gain more ratings, Grant Stinchfield recently had Dick Morris on his show to discuss Fox News’ Tucker Carlson.

A clip of the interview was shared by liberal commentator Ron Filipkowski and in the clip, Morris can be seen attacking Carlson for questions that he asked about the Russia-Ukraine situation.

Morris began, “The problem with Tucker Carlson is that he has a hell of a podium there, the #1 rated cable news show in the country.”

“And from the beginning he has been making excuses for Vladimir Putin, defending him, attacking Zelensky personally, saying he’s corrupt and a dictator, all of that” Morris claimed.

Morris then suggested that Carlson is “Saying flat out, give me a choice between Russia and Ukraine and I’ll choose Russia.”

“Journalist” Sarah Reese Jones celebrated the clip and said in a reply to Filipkowski, “Turning on each other. you hate to see it.”

One of Filipkowski’s followers questioned, “Did the world turn upside down? I’m confused.”

Another responded to that follower, “Did Fox move to the right of Newsmax or did Newsmax move to the left of Fox?”

As Reese Jones pointed out, CNN’s Jim Acosta went after Carlson over the weekend using similar rhetoric.

“Tucker Carlson tried to imply that some of what you are seeing has been fabricated and amplified by news organizations. That sounds a lot like what we heard from Putin’s spokesman,” Acosta said.