Disgraced Fibber and Former Prime Time News Reporter Brian Williams Now Leaving NBC News Completely

Brian Williams was indeed there. At NBC News that is. But soon he will not be there. Because Trump hater and fibber Brian Williams is leaving NBC completely now.

He could have retired as their prime-time host too but lost the big gig after reports exposed him as a serial fibber. Sadly, when he jumped over to MSNBC he didn’t get much better and his biases showed through a lot more as his rabid hate for former President Trump showed clearly.

To be clear, he’s leaving NBC AND MSNBC by year’s end. No word yet on what his next career move will be. Will he join broadway? Will he write anti-Trump books and “expose all his secrets”? No one knows. Rashida Jones from MSNBC reported the news:

After nearly three decades as an award-winning journalist and anchor at MSNBC and NBC News, Brian Williams has informed us he would like to take the coming months to spend time with his family. He will be signing off from The 11th Hour at the end of the year.

Brian’s time at NBC has been marked by breaking countless major stories, attracting leading journalists and guests to his programs, and most especially, great resiliency. He has built a fiercely loyal following for The 11th Hour and we and our viewers will miss his penetrating questions and thoughtful commentary.

Please join me in expressing our deep gratitude for 28 years of devoted service to our viewers and wishing him the very best.

In 2015 Williams was suspended for six months without pay for exaggerating his role in a helicopter episode in Iraq. The meme used as our cover photo went viral and was used to ridicule him and left-leaning media outlets for some time. Stay tuned for possible updates.

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