DOJ Fails to Get a Single Conviction in Gretchen Whitmer Kidnapping ‘Plot’ As Jury Finds Two Not Guilty, Mistrial Declared For Two Others

The Department of Justice was unable to secure a single conviction against the four men accused of a kidnapping “plot” against Michigan Dem Gov. Gretchen Whitmer.

The jury found two of the suspects, Daniel Harris and Brandon Caserta, not guilty, while a mistrial was declared for defendants Adam Fox and Barry Croft.

All four defendants had pleaded not guilty and faced up to life in prison if convicted of the so-called kidnapping conspiracy.

Journalist Julie Kelly said of the situation in a tweet, “After 18 months with the judge ruling in their favor on nearly every issue, the DOJ did not get a SINGLE CONVICTION in the alleged plot to kidnap Gretchen Whitmer.”

In a quote tweet, Kelly continued, “This raises many, many questions about who knew about this and who was involved.”

“But it also raises MANY questions about January 6–the head of the FBI field office mainly responsible for this caper was moved to DC FBI field office several weeks before January 6. No coincidences,” Kelly added.

Kelly also responded to a tweet by Washington Post reporter Devlin Barrett who reported, “Full story: In a setback for the Justice Department’s anti-domestic terrorism efforts, the Gov. Whitmer kidnap jury acquits two men in Gov. kidnap plot; deadlocks on two others.”

In a quote tweet, Kelly chided, “Not ‘anti-terrorism’ efforts. DOJ did not get a single conviction and defense attorneys were allowed to use FBI entrapment defense. The terrorists are inside the building.”

During a May 2021 Senate Homeland Security Committee hearing about “domestic violent extremist organizations,” U.S. Sen Chris Murphy (D-CT) asked Joe Biden’s Attorney General Merrick Garland about “Ghost Guns” in relation to the “plot.”

“I think the increased availability of extraordinarily lethal weaponry is what makes domestic violent extremism and domestic terrorism such a serious priority for the Justice Department and DHS and of concern to the country,” Garland responded at the time.