Donald Trump Takes Victory Lap After all the ‘Trumpiest’ People Sweep New Hampshire Primaries

Former President Donald Trump took a victory lap today after all the “trumpiest” people swept the New Hampshire primaries last night.

Trump himself, however, didn’t make any endorsements in the races, ultimately, but it was clear that there were candidates who were more supportive of him than others.

Cook Political’s Dave Wasserman called the races last night and acknowledged that those who won were very supportive of Trump.

In regards to one of the two House races, in particular, however, Wasserman moved it in the Democrats’ direction after pro-Trump Bob Burns defeated a candidate who was backed by New Hampshire’s moderate GOP Gov. Chris Sununu.

“I’ve seen enough: pro-Trump Bob Burns (R) wins the #NH02 GOP primary, defeating Sununu-backed Keene Mayor George Hansel (R).”

“Rating change: @CookPolitical will be moving #NH02 Rep. Annie Kuster (D) from Toss Up to Lean D.”

Prior to that, Wasserman noted, “n #NH02, pro-Trump Bob Burns (R) just took the lead over moderate Keene Mayor George Hansel (R).”

“Dems meddled on Burns’ behalf, and a Hansel defeat would be a big boost for Rep. Annie Kuster (D),” Wasserman claimed.

The second race called by Wasserman was the Senate primary as he said in a tweet, “I’ve seen enough: pro-MAGA Don Bolduc (R) wins the #NHSEN GOP primary and will face Sen. Maggie Hassan (D) in the fall. @CookPolitical November rating: Lean D.”

Wasserman called the other House race first and although he felt it was good news for the Democrat incumbent, he didn’t change the rating.

“I’ve seen enough: pro-MAGA Karoline Leavitt (R), 24, wins the GOP primary in #NH01, defeating 2020 nominee Matt Mowers (R) and others. That’s probably good news for Rep. Chris Pappas (D), but for now #NH01 (PVI EVEN) is staying in Toss Up at @CookPolitical.”

Leavitt, however, turned 25 years old in August, a fact that was pointed out by one Twitter user in a reply.

NPR reported that Leavitt, 25, is only the second member of Generation Z to win a House primary and the first Republican.

In his victory lap today, Trump posted on Truth Social, “Nice! The ‘Trumpiest’ people ALL won in New Hampshire last night. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!!!”

While Trump has yet to directly congratulate Burns in a Truth Social post, he did offer congratulations to the other two winners in separate posts.

Trump first congratulated Bolduc as he said, “Congratulations to General Don Bolduc, a great gentleman who started his military service as a Private, and ended it as a General – and now his BIG WIN in New Hampshire. WOW! Great going Don.”

Bolduc shared a screenshot of Trump’s post in a tweet where he responded, “Strong words from President Trump. Thank you, sir!”

In the other post, Trump declared, “Amazing job by Karoline Leavitt in her great New Hampshire victory.”

“Against all odds, she did it – and will have an even greater victory on November 8th. Wonderful energy and wisdom!!!” Trump asserted.

Leavitt also shared a screenshot of Trump’s congratulations in a tweet and said, “Thank you, President Trump!”

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