Elected Portsmouth, VA Prosecutor is Member of Diddy’s ‘Our Black Party’ Group that Wants to Defund Police Along With Radical Charlottesville Former Vice Mayor

Attorney Tim Anderson in Virginia Beach noticed some strange coincidences in regards to Portsmouth, Virginia Prosecutor Stephanie Morales, Diddy’s new ‘Our Black Party’ organization, among other things we have dug up as well. Anderson & Associates, PC posted:

“Stephanie Morales, the elected prosecutor of Portsmouth is also in leadership of a 527 political committee called Our Black Party that has defunding the police as its first agenda item on its website. 15.2-1627(B) of Virginia Code: The attorney for the Commonwealth and assistant attorney for the Commonwealth shall be a part of the department of law enforcement of the county or city in which he is elected or appointed Thoughts?”

We started doing some digging of our own to verify everything and discovered even more. Wes Bellamy is also a member of the organization. Bellamy is a historically known agitator and former Charlottesville Vice Mayor who has been caught on record saying vile things about white people, women and more, and additionally has lead the charge on the removal of historical monuments that has resulted in chaos and division in Virginia and throughout the nation.

The Daily Press reported on Bellamy:

“In 2009, Bellamy joked about women lying about how many sexual partners they’ve had, ending the tweet with a derogatory word that begins with a “c.” In 2011, he wrote that “a female principal with a school full of female teachers” was a “sure way” to mess up little boys.

In 2011, he said white women are the devil. In 2012, he tweeted that it was “so sad seeing these beanpole body white women in these sundresses.”

In 2010, he said he hates that “almost 80% of the black people here talk white,” and in 2011 he said he hates “seeing white people in Orangeburg,” which is in South Carolina, where he attended college.

In December 2009, he tweeted that, “I DONT LIK WHIT PEOPLE SO I HATE WHITE SNOW!!!!!” according to The Cavalier Daily.

He has also tweeted out a common slur for gay men, and frequently used the “n” word. Some of his tweets are difficult to describe in a newspaper because they are so lewd.”

Even former Democrat Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe said he was horrified by Bellamy’s actions. This is the same person who is now in the New Black Party group along with Portsmouth Prosecutor Stephanie Morales. But why is a prosecutor part of a group that wants to defund police along with people like Bellamy? Your guess is as good as mine.

Portsmouth has been embroiled in scandal as of late, as Police Chief Greene, who is now on leave, charged a Democrat State Senator in Virginia along with many other high profile Democrats for their part in the destruction of a monument in Portsmouth.

Virginia Governor Northam has been defending State Senator Louise Lucas and saying that the charges were politically motivated without actually offering a defense of the actual crimes alleged. We reported previously that a man was permanently injured and nearly killed as a statue fell on him in the Portsmouth protest that charges ultimately stemmed from.

Stephanie Morales is also listed as a possible witness to the monument destruction which could possibly cause a conflict of interest. On the Portsmouth Commonwealth’s Attorney’s office you can see a picture of her posing in front of two statues though, and underneath you can read about her agenda, including restoring felon voter rights.

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