Elon Musk Agrees With Dinesh D’Souza that Previous Censorship on Twitter was Pretty Much Only Against Conservatives

Twitter boss Elon Musk today agreed with conservative commentator Dinesh D’Souza that previous censorship on the platform was pretty much only against conservatives.

D’Souza pointed out in a tweet, “We don’t hear much about Democrats and leftists being let back on Twitter. Why? Because they were never kicked off in the first place.”

“Their lies and misinformation simply escaped all scrutiny. Censorship has been deployed as a one-way operation against conservatives @elonmusk,” D’Souza explained.

In response, Musk told D’Souza, “Correct.”

Leftist verified Twitter user Max Berger asked Musk in response to “name literally one leftist lie.” Conservative Twitter users had plenty of examples to provide Berger, who was badly ratioed.

Prior to his response to D’Souza, Musk had responded to another conservative commentator Kyle Becker, who had essentially answered Berger’s question before he asked it.

“Imagine if @ElonMusk were actually the right-wing bogeyman these spoiled lefty journos pretend he is and he decided to turn the tables and ban all left-wing ‘fake news’ from @Twitter. There’d be nothing left for them to publish!” Becker insisted.

In a reply, Becker shared a list of “fake news” stories from leftist outlets and insisted, “Think I’m kidding? Most of these outlets are fake news machines. You can add the AP’s fake news report on Russian rocket hitting Poland that might as well be begging to start World War III. The most damaging fake news comes from the biggest corporate media outlets.”

Musk responded to Becker’s initial tweet, “As is obvious to all but the media, there is not one permanent ban on even the most far left account spouting utter lies.”

“Not even Associated Press with their completely fictional report on Russian missiles hitting Poland that carried severe consequences for escalating the war,” Musk added in a reply.

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