Elon Musk Says he Has a Plan B if Needed for Twitter Takeover in Ted Talk: ’I Don’t Like to Lose’

Democrats are in full panic mode. The last thing they want in our opinion is Elon Musk running Twitter. Musk spoke live today at a Ted Talk in Vancouver.

Something he recently said today as leftists scramble to stop the hostile Twitter takeover bid is that he has a ”plan b” if Twitter doesn’t take his buyout offer. ”I don’t like to lose”.

The video below was a live stream of Musk speaking and may be updated with a clip by us later.

NY Times reported:

10:43 a.m.: Mr. Musk declined to say what he would do if the Twitter board rejected his offer, but indicated he had a plan for that outcome, replying “Yes” when asked whether he had a Plan B. He also conceded, “I don’t like to lose.”

Meanwhile, Jim Cramer at CNBC and others appear to be trying to lobby against the Twitter takeover. Rumors are swirling regarding ongoing investigations of Musk, but its unclear how he can be stopped.

Some may see Musk as similar to Trump but more toned down and could be intent to stop him by any means in our speculation.

From Charlie Gasparino of Fox Business:

“SCOOP via @EleanorTerrett: @SECGov @TheJusticeDept interest in @elonmusk goes beyond his dealings regarding @Twitter to include “a joint investigation of Elon primarily on other cases,” according to an attorney dealing with government investigators. Story developing $TSLA

CNBC’s Jim Cramer of Mad Money says Twitter must reject Musk’s offer. Time will tell if that happens and what a “plan b” may look like.

Musk has previously voiced his concerns with Joe Biden giving Tesla the cold shoulder when promoting electric cars.


This is a developing story that may be updated.


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