Even a Leftist Agrees: Stephen King ‘Cocktail Waitress’ Insult at Kayleigh McEnany Was Too Far

Author Stephen King took his Trump-hatred too far this morning, and drew ire from fellow leftists. As the always classy Trump White House Press Secretary posted a tweet that it “has been a true honor” to serve, it was too much for King.

McEnany initially tweeted:

“Serving as @PressSec has been a true honor! At the podium, I had the great privilege of sharing stories of the forgotten men and women of America – stories the media too often ignores. Thank you for allowing me to speak on your behalf. Follow me @kayleighmcenany for more!”

To which Stephen King quote tweeted:

“Enjoy your next job as a cocktail waitress in Tampa.”

It’s unclear what exactly prompted him to issue such a rage filled response.

Leftist Yashar Ali took offense to his insult, saying:

“Hire me to write your insults…they’ll be much more effective and in the process not disparage people who work their butts off to put food on the table.”

“Is there something wrong with being a cocktail waitress? I don’t get how this is some sort of insult?”

No word yet on if Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) will comment on the cocktail waitress insult. It’s hard to see why Hollywood actors and elites are so hell-bent on destroying Donald Trump and anyone who helped him. Other than being brash and outspoken, in our view, Donald Trump just wanted to be America First, and his only flaws were listening to political insiders that he hired over his own gut and supporters.

Sometimes it almost appears as though President Trump was never supposed to be elected and leftists were unhappy with the things he wanted to implement. Times will be tough for Trump and his supporters as he prepares to leave the White House today, but it’s clear that he’s not going to be out of the spotlight completely as we move forward into a new era.