Evidence be Damned, Epstein has Strong Connections

Jeffrey Epstein is a very well connected man with many assets. He has links to the likes of former president Bill Clinton, Alan Dershowitz, a former legal counsel (who is discounting allegations against himself) of his as well as many other high profile people. 

Les Wexner was a client of Epstein’s and now Victoria’s Secret which is one of the companies he founded. Victoria’s Secret has recently retained a law firm to evaluate its dealings with Epstein. The company stated that Wexner has had no dealings with him for twelve years. Twelve years ago is when Epstein was first charged.

The retention of the law firm by Victoria’s Secret was due to that fact that Epstein was charged by federal prosecutors in New York on July 8th of this year, who have lodged child sex trafficking charges against him. Epstein was denied bail as he is viewed as a flight risk.

This goes back to 2007 when he was originally charged for crimes in Florida and was given a sweetheart deal. In exchange, he had to register as a sex offender and got 12 hours a day off for 6 days a week of his 13-month sentence on work release that he did at a foundation he had set up.

Much of the media has been silent on these matters, barely touching on the subject but for brief segments. When you start to dig for yourself this seems to be a rabbit hole that the financial industry doesn’t want to be revealed.

Epstein is also very prominent in his Jewish community and that is his given reason for using a fake identity when traveling in the Middle East. He seems to have enough money and influence to do what he wants and to get pretty much whatever he wants.

In the video below, a YouTube channel did an expose with video from CNN Business showing startling and shocking allegations of how powerful he was and some of the atrocities he allegedly committed against women.


Looking over the work release that he was given, he was allowed to have females visit him while on release which led to sexual encounters. Democrat State Senator from Florida Lauren Book is demanding the work release deals be looked into, but not without pushback.

This most recent arrest, however, seems at least to be going differently, even with the lack of media coverage. The scant media coverage that has been available has been to try to tie President Donald Trump to Jeffrey Epstein, although his ties are not very damning at all. In the process, they conveniently leave out other connections where prominent Democrats are also tied to him, in some cases much more closely.

Epstein was denied bail and placed in jail. This time he is not allowed to await trial in his mansion. We now wait to see what happens with this in our justice system, as the circus seems to have already started. Earlier this week he was found with injuries in his cell, possibly self-imposed but the jail would not comment on them.