Nancy Pelosi Struggles for Power as AOC Steals the Limelight

On again off again moderate (although sometimes radical) Democrat Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, is struggling to keep her ‘house’ in order. With the recent rise of ‘Democratic Socialism’, which is seemingly exponential as the left continues to ‘resist’ Donald J Trump’s presidency, historically moderate Democrats like Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi are struggling for identity and direction.

Bernie Sanders is probably one of the biggest driving forces behind what began the ‘Democratic Socialism’ movement in the historically free-market capitalist United States. Since then, along with massive illegal immigration and demographic shifts, many other things have moved that idea forward. This is something that, during the Reagan years, most people would have never thought would come to pass. Nevertheless, more ‘traditional’ Americans have to come to terms with this concept and its ramifications.

Traditionally, even most Democrats were not much different than moderate Republicans. But with a new wave of radical left-wing self-described socialists rolling into power, the ‘old money’ so to speak, is not sure how to move forward. Often they struggle between moving their own views further left, to getting into power struggles with those who they deem to be moving actually too far left.

Some Democrats like former Democrat Virginia Senator Jim Webb, who also had a short stint running for president in the last election, have quietly moved away from the Democrat party. Even this article from the left-leaning Vanity Fair mentions a time when President Trump actually considered hiring Webb for SecDef and the article cites Webb as being the “right kind of Democrat” for a Trump job.

Others have more loudly left the party, such as West Virginia Governor Jim Justice, who announced his exodus from the party altogether at a Trump campaign-style MAGA Rally in 2017. Although Justice isn’t making all Republicans happy, as he still has some left-leaning policies, moves like this highlight even further the rift in the party.

For Nancy Pelosi and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, ‘the struggle is real’. Cortez, or AOC, has recently picked up a new nickname from President Trump of ‘AOC+3’, which dubs her the leader of ‘The Squad’, a group of four Democrat women in congress who have been in a perpetual feud with President Trump lately. This gives AOC even more clout as someone with a position of influence in the party, furthering tensions that were already there between her and the official leader of the House of Representatives.

A screenshot image of the Fox News Poll highlighted in the video below shows the rift between the two Dem heavy hitters

When AOC first started getting attention from the media, it was for all the wrong reasons. nevertheless, as it goes in politics and Hollywood, oftentimes, no press is bad press. This seems to be the case in this instance as well, as AOC has risen to fame faster than anyone expected a 29-year-old freshman congresswoman could. She has had many social faux-pas and believes more in passion and emotion than always getting the facts straight. Nevertheless, this threatens Pelosi and her Oldschool style of running things.

Nancy’s first strategy to try to take back her social clout with her party was to attack Cortez. She made some implications such as how she doesn’t really think the party is as far left as AOC and that maybe she just got lucky getting elected since, in her opinion, AOC’s district is so far left-leaning, a cold glass of water running as a Democrat would win. This strategy appeared to get her no social credit as afterward AOC’s fame only rose faster. Then came ‘The Squad‘. More recently Pelosi has reversed course on her attacks, cozying up to AOC, and trying to say that there was never a problem.

In the Fox News clip below with Bill Hemmer and others, they discuss this in further detail. Nancy Pelosi had a meeting with AOC yesterday to try to mend some of their differences, and Hemmer and friends sound off on their views. Pelosi, it seems, will try to downplay what’s going on but clearly, she is capitulating at least somewhat, to the fact that she must acknowledge AOC’s influence with the left and its base.


But are Pelosi and AOC really best pals now? Or is Nancy, not an unintelligent person by any means, even if she is old fashioned, trying a different approach? The approach of keeping your friends close and your enemies closer?

Only the future will tell what happens with their relationship and if the radical-left sector can get along with the moderates and compromise, or if the moderates are a thing of the past and the “impeach Trump, free healthcare and college for all, open borders” radicals have seized the party for good.