Ex-Officer From Breonna Taylor Raid Found Not Guilty on all Counts

Ex-officer Brett Hankison has been found not guilty on all charges by a Kentucky jury. Hankinson was charged with three counts of wanton endangerment after the shooting death of Breonna Taylor.

His defense team never disputed the ballistic evidence. they did however, argue that he thought that his fellow officers were in danger of being executed.

The former officer didn’t appear outside the courtroom after the not guilty decision. Stewart Mathews, his attorney, said that he and his client were thrilled however.

Surely this will be another landmark moment that will be split on what the general public thinks.

CBS reported in part:

The panel of eight men and four women delivered its verdict about three hours after it took the case following closing arguments from prosecution and defense attorneys. Hankison was shaking and visibly relieved after the verdict. Taylor’s sister, Juniyah Palmer, shook her head. 

Despite what different people may think of the tragedy or the verdict that it ultimately led to, we hope any possible protests can be peaceful and discussion can be civil.

This developing breaking story may be updated.


The Assistant Kentucky AG Barbara Maines Whaley said she respects the jury’s choice but did not choose to further opine. Tamika Palmer, Taylor’s mother, left after the verdict without making comment, although we can safely speculate she was disappointed in the not guilty decision.

Prosecutors had attempted to cast doubt on Hankison’s defense during the trial. The then officer said that his seeing a ”muzzle flash” was on the reasons he decided to fire. However, prosecutors disputed the logistics of his story, saying he was ”never in the doorway” and speculating that he may have harmed even more people.

Ultimately the jury did not see it the same way as the prosecutors and we will be standing by for more possible further developments, updates, reactions and more.