Fake News Alert: Schiff, Liberal Media Parrot WSJ Claim That 4591 Americans Died Yesterday From Coronavirus

US House Rep Adam Schiff claimed this morning on Twitter that “yesterday, 4591 Americans perished from coronavirus. It was our deadliest day yet.” He said, “the number is horrific.” The problem is, that there doesn’t seem to be any evidence that it is true.

Yesterday, 4,591 Americans perished from coronavirus. It was our deadliest day yet. The number is horrific. And behind each number is a grieving family and community. Let’s pause to think of those who have been lost, and those on the front lines still fighting to save lives.

We can only surmise that he got this figure from a Wall Street Journal article published this morning that claimed that Thursday marked a new record for coronavirus deaths in the U.S., with 4,591 people dying from the virus in just 24 hours. They cite a John Hopkins map that was recently setup.

We reached out to one of the authors on Twitter but received no response.

According to a NBC News graph, there were around 2200 deaths in that period. Worldometers.info is a site we’ve cited before and they cite every state health site as their sources and they have a graph that compiles the daily deaths. It lists the amount at 2174 for April 16.

Both the Daily Beast and the Hill also published articles based off that article so we can only imagine how many people believe that the one day death toll was that high.

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