Fed Up Megyn Kelly Describes ‘Force For Evil’ Kim Kardashian, Who Was Recently Praised by Hillary Clinton, As Being ‘Largely Responsible’ For Society’s Vanity

Megyn Kelly recently described reality TV star Kim Kardashian, who was recently praised by Hillary Clinton, as a “force for evil” during a recent episode of her podcast.

Kelly explained, “I never want to see another picture of Kim Kardashian again. I am so sick of seeing her boobs and her ass every time I open the New York Post, The Daily Mail, whatever– I’m sick of it.”

“And not just her, but all the sisters, too. Sick of it,” Kelly lamented.

Kelly also said, “I object to J. Lo and Shakira showing their vag at the Super Bowl. Like I don’t want that. It’s gotta be situation appropriate.”

“But I don’t really object to just women embracing their bodies or showing up their bodies, what I object to — back on the Kardashians — is the unrivaled vanity. Like the self-promotional, out-of-control focus on one’s self — ego, clicks, likes. They’re hugely responsible for that in our society,” Kelly insisted.

Former Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton recently praised Kardashian as she shared a video of a sit-down interview she did with her and Clinton’s daughter Chelsea.

“Growing up, @KimKardashian studied her father’s law books. While attending a clemency meeting at the White House, she decided to make a childhood dream a reality and become a lawyer,” Clinton said.

Clinton then added, “Now she champions criminal justice reform and uses her platform to fight for clemency.”

On Monday, the Securities and Exchange Commission charged Kim Kardashian over a post she made promoting crypto asset security sold by EthereumMax “without disclosing the payment she received for the promotion.”

Kardashian will now pay $1.26 million in a settlement on the civil charges according to an announcement by the SEC.

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