Firefighter George Buck Goes on OANN, Crushes Charlie Crist

Veteran and former firefighter George Buck is running to unseat Obama ally and Democrat incumbent Charlie Crist. Buck is an avid Trump supporter. The race is to represent Florida’s 13th Congressional District, where Crist has been a sore thumb for Florida conservatives for some time now.

Buck hopes to fix that problem if he can pull off a victory. George took to One America News Network recently to tell the world his thoughts of Crist and what his next moves are going to be. Buck posted the video to his official Facebook and had this to say:

“Glad to be interviewed by OANN about my run against Charlie Crist. I am not supported by lobbyists and PACs, I am supported by firemen, police, veterans, and the citizens of this district who love America.”

In the video, One America News’ ‘Stefan Kleinhenz interviews George Buck. After mentioning Buck’s ‘extensive resume’ as a veteran, firefighter, and counter-terrorism efforts, Kleinhenz asks him why he’s running for congress.

“I’m so sick and tired of what’s going on in Washington” Buck exclaimed. He went on to say that he never dreamed about running for politics in his life, but that as a disabled veteran, Charlie Crist gave veterans the short end of the stick at a veteran workshop hosted by Crist. He claimed Crist didn’t give the veterans the time of day. A good friend of his said to him “why don’t you do something about this” he said, and now here he is…

Kleinhenz asked about his plans if he gets into congress and how Buck would unite the country. “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness: is the summary of what he said. He plans to do a lot for veterans a well, and wants them to be able to go to the Veterans Affairs administration and to be able to talk to him whenever they want.

Buck says he owes no favors, and the only people he cares about are the citizens of his district and the people of his country. He also claims to have raised close to a million dollars by the end of the month. Check out the entire video here:

Previously we reported on Buck’s response to Charlie Crist’s response to the national crisis of rioting and looting that cities around the nation are dealing with. Media Right News reported:

Crist has been mum of much the rioting and looting that has tragically taken place around the country after the police-involved death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Buck minces no words in his new video dropped on social media.

Buck appears extremely angry that radicals supported by and condoned by the left, and sadly, some on the right, are trying to erase American history. As a retired firefighter and veteran, Buck knows the value of having quality first responders to take care of and protect the community with law and order.

This could be an election that is largely influenced by cultural changes the nation is going through and many are looking for leaders to take the helm before this nation turns into a complete shipwreck. 

We also reported previous details on the race back in February 6th:

The other candidates in the primary include Amanda Makki, Anna Luna, Sharon Newby, Matt Becker, and Shelia Griffin. According to Ballotpedia Makki is an Iranian-American, who has lobbied for both tobacco and pharma, she also worked for Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) for seven years. Florida’s 13th district will hold its primary on August 18th, we will see which of the candidates will face off with former Governor Charlie Crist.

According to ‘Ballotpedia‘, Becker did not make the ballot.

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