Florida AG Calls Out Store for Price Gouging Water Ahead of Hurricane

Republican, pro-gun Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody has made one convenience store owner’s life a little harder this morning, as she called them out on Twitter for charging $9 for a 24 case of bottled water ahead of the upcoming Hurrican Dorian. In the tweet it shows, one of her investigators approached the store clerk about the issue and gave them an opportunity to correct the issue, which they did.

Photo of the $9 water as featured in Moody’s tweet
Price gouging report as featured in AG Moody’s tweet

Little did the gas station owners know, that Moody and her crew are no dummies. They followed up the next day and the $9 price tag was blatantly put right back up. Only then did the AG make the call to let the public know. In her tweet she posted a picture of the ‘Price Gouging Complaint’, citing a Shell gas station at 2090 W Oakland Park Blvd in the city of Oakland Park which is part of Broward County. She tweeted:

One of our investigators visited a store accused of doubling the price of water.

When she arrived, a make-shift sign advertised a 24 pkg for $9. The clerk agreed to take down the sign & lower the price.

We went back the next day. The price was back up to $9.

Bad move!


An apparent constituent quickly responded to the tweet paying thanks to Moody for doing her job and protecting the Florida citizens. It is unclear if there will be further action taken against the location but being put on statewide notice in this manner surely can’t be great for business.

While it looks like Florida didn’t get hit quite as bad as once thought by Hurricane Dorian, which is headed to the Carolinas after scraping the Florida coasts, people had to prepare for the worst, as it appeared as though they may have been in for a direct hit by the brutal storm that reached category 5 levels.

Moody posted back on the 28th of August about this topic so people have had a considerable time of warning that this would be on the radar.


Miami-Dade Police tweeted:

“Price gouging during a state of emergency is illegal! Price gouging is considered an “unconscionable price,” determined by comparing the price asked during an emergency with what was charged during the preceding 30-day period. Report violations by calling 1-866-966-7226. #Dorian


Before Moody’s tweet this morning, Bradenton Herald did another story citing other gouging complaints, including the same Shell gas station. They reported here that the manager tried to blame the cashier for the prices!

Two examples of price gouging come out of Miami-Dade County.

A 7-Eleven at 6348 Collins Ave. was charging $3.499 for regular gas, $3.799 for mid-grade gas and $4.099 for premium. The complainant said the prices were $1 more than other gas stations.

A Chevron, at 720 SW Second Ave., was selling gas at $3.53 per gallon when a sign outside read $2.35, according to another complaint.

In Broward, a Shell gas station wasn’t hiking the price on gas, but on water. The station, at 2090 W. Oakland Park Blvd., was selling a 24 case of bottled water for $9; the original price was $3.98, according to the complaint filed with the attorney general’s office.

When the complainant asked the cashier why the price was so high, the cashier told the person to talk to the manager. The manager then said it was the cashier’s decision on what to charge for water. When the complainant then went back to the cashier, they refused to sell her water.

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp, also called out would be gougers in a post of his own:

“Based on 5 AM forecast for #Dorian, I’ve issued an Executive Order expanding the State of Emergency to include Appling, Bacon, Bulloch, Clinch, Echols, Evans, Screven, Tattnall & Ware Counties. Tropical storm winds are expected in these areas. Price-gouging is prohibited. #gapol