Following LA Cop Shooting, GOP House Judiciary Asks ‘Will Rep Jerry Nadler Denounce This Violence and Chaos’

On Tuesday, the top Republican on the House Judiciary Committee, Rep. Jim Jordan, called on Rep. Jerry Nadler to convene a hearing on “left-wing violent extremism” to confirm that it’s not a “myth,” as the committee chairman recently claimed.

Following last night’s “violence and chaos” in Los Angeles, the committee’s Twitter account called on him to denounce the actions of “protesters” and the attempted murderer.

-Police officers ambushed and shot. -Rushed to emergency room. -“Protestors” block entrance and exit of emergency room. -“Protesters” shout slogans like “Death to the police!” Will @RepJerryNadler denounce this violence and chaos?

Neither Rep. Nadler nor Rep. Karen Bass, who represents LA in the House and was a previous candidate to be Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden’s running mate have made any tweets regarding the situation so far.

Many Republicans have called for better protections for the police, including President Trump, who said if the officers “die, fast trial death penalty for the killer. Only way to stop this!”

Trump called out NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio as well, which is part of Nadler’s district, responding to a tweet by the Mayor that urged people to “get out and enjoy” a beautiful day, but not to forget it’s a pandemic.

The president said, “But people don’t want to get mugged, beaten up, or killed. Let New York’s Finest (who proudly endorsed me!) do their job. Rehire crime squad and fired police. They will bring safety back to NYC, FAST!!!”

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