Former Dem, Current Congressman Jeff Van Drew Betrays Biden Further by Calling for Cognitive Test as ‘Christmas Promise’

U.S. House Rep Jeff Van Drew (R-NJ) who arguably switched parties from the Democrats to stay in office is challenging Joe Biden. Even though Van Drew hasn’t had a perfect voting score since leaving the left, he still isn’t doing them any favors either. Van Drew spoke to NewsMax about “the big Biden Christmas lie,” and went on to further bash Biden and the left.

“I mean, if he wants to tell it straight, he would speak about how our cities across the country have the highest crime rate that they’ve ever had,” Van Drew also said. “He could talk about the fact that we have the supply chains problems that still exist, and in many cases have gotten worse.” He finished off by adding: “I think this Christmas he should promise, make a Christmas promise to get a cognitive test on how he’s doing, and maybe make a Christmas promise that he’s gonna resign soon.”

Van Drew has faced backlash for voting for the Biden infrastructure bill and was called out by U.S. House Rep Marjorie Taylor Green (R-GA) and others. There were 13 Republicans who ultimately did so. A case could be made that Van Drew is making enemies on both sides and will need to stick to one or the other to have a clear political identity.

Despite that though, this is not an uncommon situation these days. Many Democrats such as U.S. Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) who consider themselves moderates or working-class leftists are increasingly finding themselves without a place to call home as the left continues to get more radical.

There are rumors that Manchin may ultimately leave the Democrat party too, but he has so far been hesitant to make the move. Despite all this, Van Drew is not helping the Biden/Harris regime with his cognitive test call. He isn’t alone in wondering if Biden is all there either.

If he’s not, sooner or later it will become more obvious as the “emperor has no clothes” effect has the potential to kick in. Only time can tell.

Meanwhile, Biden and Harris’ poll numbers continue to sit at rock bottom levels, although arguably they could still get worse.

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