Fox News Tanks and Lineup Gets Revamp as Some in the Fan Base Seek Alternatives

Fox News has seen their ratings slip ever since they reported the results of the 2020 presidential election, and Trump supporters did not like the way the results were reported. Although Joe Biden has won the election, many people think there was left-wing bias at Fox and that some states may have been prematurely called.

Regardless of whether or not you think Fox News was fair, one thing that is clear is that they are hemorrhaging parts of their fan base. In a possible attempt to shore up their losses, they are now doing a major revamp of their daytime lineup.

Bill Hemmer will be with Dana Perino at 9 AM. Martha MacCallum lost her 7 PM slot. She is now at 3 PM. NewsMax has been attempting to grab some of the wayward viewers, and Greg Kelly has been rising. Emerald Robinson has tweeted some of this to do a victory lap of sorts:

“There’s a lot of fallout over at @FoxNews today due to their ratings death spiral: @BillHemmer & @DanaPerino are now stuck together at 9 AM. Hemmer hosted 3 PM show. Perino hosted 2 PM show. And @marthamaccallum lost her 7pm slot. The NeverTrumpers are being minimized.”

“Fox update: @marthamaccallum & her 7pm show ratings declined so badly that @FoxNews just demoted her to 3pm. Congratulations to @gregkellyusa.”

LA Times touched on the news in part:

The conservative-leaning network, which is typically the dominant leader among cable news viewers, has seen CNN and MSNBC surpass it in the Nielsen ratings in many hours throughout the day since the Nov. 3 election. The network, which had its best year ever in 2020, was a distant third last week during coverage of the pro-Trump riot at the Capitol and its aftermath.

Fox News executives had said privately earlier in the fall that it expected to make changes to its daytime lineup once the election was over. The changes take effect Jan. 18.

Network and cable-news operations typically reassign correspondents and anchors after a new White House administration takes over.

We will see how ratings end up with the various right-leaning networks as the smoke clears from the election and ongoing drama related to those who don’t like the way the election was handled. Stay tuned for updates.