George Papadopoulos Plans to Run for Disgraced Dem Katie Hill’s Seat in Special Election

George Papadopoulos filed yesterday to run for a recently vacated U.S. House seat. The seat was held by former U.S. Rep. Katie Hill (D). This seat is for Congressional District 25 in California. The 25th district encompasses parts of Los Angeles, Mono, Inyo, and San Bernadino counties.

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Before freshman Democrat Katie Hill won the seat, it had been held by Republicans for over 26 years. Ms. Hill resigned this week amid a ​scandal​ involving herself and staff members and something called a ‘thruple​’.

Mr. Papdopolus worked on Donald Trump’s campaign as a foreign policy advisor. Papadopoulos served two weeks in prison for making ​false statements​ to the FBI during the Muller-Russia probe. Papadopoulos released a ​book​ about all of it earlier this year. President Donald Trump even tweeted about the book:

“Good luck with the book George, should do well!’

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Papadopoulos had tweeted just a few days ago “Someone has to step up. I love my state too much to see it rundown by candidates like Hill. All talk, no action, and a bunch of sellouts.” in response to Hill’s ​resignation​.


And followed up later with a tweet “She wants me to do it!” that featured a picture of him and his wife.


It looks like the seat is up for grabs by either side, which makes it important for both Republicans and Democrats. So far there are seven declared candidates for the special election. The list of those who have filed is David Rudnick (D), Christy Smith (D), Mark Cripe (R), Mike Garcia (R), Jeremiah Owen (R), George Papadopoulos (R), and Angela Underwood-Jacobs (R), with many more potential candidates outstanding.

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