George Soros Reportedly Shells Out Big Bucks to PAC to Help Ensure Chuck Schumer Stays Majority Leader

Billionaire George Soros has reportedly shelled out big bucks to a PAC to help ensure U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) stays the majority leader.

Soros sent $2.5 million from his Democracy PAC to the Senate Majority PAC in July, according to new Federal Election Commission filings.

Fox News reported that hedge fund billionaire James Simons also added an identical amount.

In total, Soros has now given $10 million to the PAC, according to the report, which now has nearly $73 million cash on hand for the 2022 midterm elections.

The donations make Soros one of its largest contributors behind a, as Fox News put it, dark money nonprofit affiliated with the PAC.

GOP House candidate Tim Burchett weighed in on the news in a tweet where he said, “The one world government crowd hear us peasants at the gate.”

Former GOP Ohio Senate candidate Mark Pukita quipped in a tweet, “Nothing to see here.”

Whether or not the efforts pay off or not remains to be seen although recent polls show Democrats in the lead in key states.

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