Geraldo Rivera Steps in For Juan Williams on Fox News’ ‘The Five’ After Exit Announcement

After Juan Williams announced his exit from Fox News’ show “The Five,” some were wondering who his replacement might be, whether it would be another liberal-leaning host or a conservative.

It appears, at least for today, that centrist Geraldo Rivera is occupying Williams’ seat.

CNN’s Brian Stelter had speculated yesterday that “Possible 5pm co-hosts during the interim period include Geraldo Rivera, Richard Fowler, Jessica Tarlov, and a recent hire by Fox, Harold Ford Jr.”

Stelter followed that up today by reporting that Rivera “is filling the ‘liberal’ seat on ‘The Five’ today, the first day since Juan Williams suddenly departed the show. He’s likely not in the running for the permanent spot, though, since he’s based in Ohio and the show is returning to its NYC studio.”

Republican Florida Congressional candidate Lavern Spicer said of Rivera’s appearance, “I mighta known Juan Williams’ 1st temporary replacement would be Geraldo Rivera. His grip on reality is just as warped as Juan’s was, maybe even more!”

The move to have Rivera in Williams’ seat is likely to annoy conservative viewers, who are hopeful that his permanent replacement will be someone pro-Trump.

Conservative commentator Katie Pavlich shared a picture of herself with Williams yesterday and said, “While I am grateful I’ll be seeing and working with @TheJuanWilliams out of DC, I am so sad about him leaving The Five. We have our on air disagreements and brawls, but he has been a wonderful friend and a true joy to work with.”

A popular response to her tweet by a “proud wife and Mom of 2 amazing boys,” Twitter user “Kahorm,” called for Fox News host Sean Hannity to get rid of Rivera, so clearly she won’t be happy with his appearance.

“Great! I can start watching this show again. Now if @seanhannity would toss Geraldo Rivera to the curb I can watch him also,” she said.

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