GOP Iowa Governor Caves to BLM Mob Demands, Signs EO Granting Voting Rights to Felons

Many may not have known, but the Republican Governor had already agreed to cave to the Black Lives Matter organization’s demand back in June. Today makes it official, Republican Kim Reynolds is signing an Executive Order to allow felons to vote and has done so to ensure they are ready to cast their ballots for the presidential election in November.

It’s hard to prove it for sure, but an argument could be made that felons are more likely to vote Democrat since it is an issue normally pushed by the left. Of course, the leftist group Black Lives Matter successfully pushed the spineless right into doing it this time.

But this seems like politics at the hands of a group with a history of violence, and almost may feel to some like terrorism in our humble opinion. Pedro Gonzalez tweeted out:

“The Republican Party is not going to save us from the mob, because many GOPers are spineless or sympathetic to BLM. For as much as political options are still viable, we either need totally new pols or a totally new party.” See tweet:

WQAD 8 reported:

Currently, Iowa is the only state in the United States with a blanket ban prohibiting convicted felons from voting for life. Reynolds, a Republican, committed to changing that on June 15. 

This isn’t the first time an Iowa governor has attempted to change felon voting laws in the state. In 2005, then-governor Tom Vilsack (D) signed an executive order to “restore voting rights to convicted felons who have completed their sentences.”

Former governor Terry Branstad (R) reversed that order in 2011.

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