GOP Puts Nancy On Notice By Flipping 84% Hispanic Seat in Texas Congressional Special Election

A special election for a Texas House seat has been called tonight by election expert Dave Wasserman in favor of the GOP.

“I’ve seen enough: Mayra Flores (R) defeats Dan Sanchez (D) in the #TX34 special election, flipping an 84% Hispanic Rio Grande Valley seat red.”

“This special election was held under the old #TX34 lines, which are Biden +4. In November, she’ll face Rep. Vicente Gonzalez (D) in the redrawn #TX34, which is Biden +15.

@CookPolitical November rating: Lean D.”

Newsweek reported earlier about the race that the potential for the GOP to take over the seat, albeit for potentially just a few months, could add further pressure on the Democrats as they attempt to hold onto their slim majority in the midterms.

With nearly 100% of the vote reported Mayra Flores received 51% of the vote versus 43% for challenger Dan Sanchez according to the New York Times.

The seat is currently vacant due to the resignation of Democratic Congressman Filemon Vela and the special election was being held to determine who will take over the seat for the remainder of the term.

Flores massively outspent her nearest rivals and had the endorsement of Texas GOP Governor Gregg Abbott.