Graphic Bodycam Video Shows Man Shot by D.C. Officer as he Tosses Handgun

Washington D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser who approved the painting of “Black Lives Matter” and renaming of a street in the city was ironically protested by ‘Black Lives Matter’ and possibly Antifa protesters late last night at her home. This was because of the recent police-involved shooting death of Deon Kay.

Apparently even Bowser wasn’t ‘woke’ enough for these protesters who had not even yet seen bodycam footage of the tragic shooting to see what actually happened. Officer Alexander Alvarez says he fired once after Kay pulled a gun out on him.

It’s tough to make out clearly what exactly Alvarez saw in the graphic video below because of the fast movement, but what’s clear is that there was only one shot, and Kay did indeed toss a gun into the playground area nearby around the same moment.

Deon Kay was taken to a hospital where he sadly, did not make it. Any death like this is always tragic. But it’s important to see what led up to the event before rioting, looting, or even protesting someone’s neighborhood in the middle of the night.

Fortunately thanks to a good job of de-escalating by the police last night nobody else was hurt, despite the protesters’ aggressive tactics. You can hear one officer say don’t move multiple times before firing off the shot. Watch the clip and decide for yourself:

We reported in part on the protest at the Mayor’s house last night:

Washington D.C. Mayor Bowser has been vocal in recent days, speaking out against President Trump and voicing approval of recommendations to rename historic buildings and monuments in the city.

She also allowed for a Black Lives Matter mural to be painted on a street and for it to be renamed “Black Lives Matter Plaza.”

None of that stopped protesters from coming to her house last night chanting, “no justice, no sleep” after a D.C. police officer killed a suspect, Deon Kay, who officers said was running from them and pulled out a gun.

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