Graphic on NBC’s Meet The Press Shows More ‘Clinton Counties’ Are Infected With At Least One Coronavirus Case

This morning, a Twitter user captured a screnshot from NBC show, Meet the Press, showing that 81% of counties Hillary Clinton won in 2016 had at least one case of the Coronavirus versus 50% of the counties that carried President Trump.

One reason that this could be the case is that Clinton’s victories were in more urban counties while Trump carried the moral rural ones. Trump won 2,626 counties while Clinton won 487.

Map created by Magog the Ogre via Wikimedia

One left-wing Twitter user bemoaned the stats, claiming that there wasn’t enough testing being done.

Ok, #meetthepress, wait two weeks. Then give us the same stats again. And make sure, next time, you report on how many people have been TESTED in blue vs red states. Because that matters, and it affects these numbers.

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