Greg Gutfeld Disses Geraldo During Last Night’s Monologue Amid Apparent Feud and Rivera’s Employment Potentially on the Rocks

Greg Gutfeld took a shot at Geraldo Rivera on Thursday night’s “Gutfeld!”. Gutfeld started his monologue by declaring “This is the best late-night show in America… because it’s the only late-night show in America. I’ll take it I don’t care.” Gutfeld was Joking about the writers’ strike that has taken the other late-night shows off the air.

He then jumped in, “So today senior intel officials testified on Capitol Hill on worldwide threats. Among the topics; China, Russia, Iran, artificial intelligence, and also Geraldo removing his shirt in front of children.” A shirtless image of Rivera was posted to the screen.

He then moved on to Vice President Kamala Harris.

You can see the full monologue below:

Gutfeld and Rivera don’t appear to be fans of one another. When they discuss a hot-button issue such as abortion or immigration, many times Rivera seems to lose his cool and Gutfeld responds in kind.

Rivera shared his true feelings after Tucker Carlson was taken off the air at Fox News. Gutfeld came to the defense of Carlson with a sarcastic response to Rivera.

Thursday afternoon it was announced that Rivera’s appearances on “The Five” had been canceled. He shared the news on Twitter and explained, “I’m sure there’s a good reason,” and that he would be back the week after next.

This has led to rumors that Rivera may be done on “The Five”. Juan Williams was abruptly let go from Fox News in 2021 and speculation was that it was because of Greg Gutfeld. The irony is that Rivera was brought in to replace Williams.

No announcement has been made that Rivera is out, and it may be something completely different as he said he would be back in his tweet. We will see what happens next in the apparent feuding between Rivera and Gutfeld.

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