Greg Gutfeld Says He’s Glad Chauvin Was Found Guilty, Even if He Wasn’t Actually Guilty, to Prevent Riots, Judge Jeanine and Other Fox News Hosts Freak Out

It’s hard to tell for sure if he was being sarcastic or not, but Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld just shocked Judge Jeanine and Dana Perino live on the air. Directly after it was announced that Derek Chauvin was found guilty on three charges, including two murder and one manslaughter, the internet and TV broke out in reactions.

When Gutfeld got on TV he announced, after Judge Jeanine, Jesse Waters and others geniunely said they were pleased the verdict, that he was too. But it seems he may have been being sarcastic perhaps. He said he didn’t care if Chauvin was actually guilty or not, he just wanted a guilty verdict to prevent riots.

Once Jeanine and the other hosts realized what he said they appeared to panic because he was actually making a point if you read between the lines. Judge Jeanine almost reprimanded Gutfeld saying in so many ways that outside factors don’t affect the courtroom. Factors such as riots, threats, Congresswomen and a president demanding a guilty verdict, etc etc. Jeanine was insisting factors like that didn’t affect the verdict.

We were almost taken aback ourselves by Gutfeld but again, we think he was being sarcastic, and saying he is afraid outside factors may have indeed affected the jurors, without actually saying it, to try and get others to see things from a different angle.

Watch the back and forth below:

The discourse on Fox News is clear. Most of the Fox News talking heads took the stance that they are glad about Chauvin being found guilty. Gutfeld on the other hand seems conflicted to say the least. It will be interesting to see how other networks and pundits react as time passes today.

There is also the possibility that Chauvin may file an appeal, after comments from public figures have been speculated to be possible factors that may or may not have improperly influenced jurors. Stand by for updates.

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